New relations between
organs and emotions
4-day training with Kalu Schreiber by Agni Eickermann
new training
This beautiful new seminar by Agni Eickermann makes the interplay between emotions and reactions in the physical body visible and treatable in a whole new way.

We learn to perceive the cause and subject in and between the organs and emotions directly and individually – being free from classic diagnose schemes and symptom mappings. From there we go deeper into the complex interrelations: we recognise stuck emotions as chains, that show in patterns of behaviour and organs and related symptoms

with kalu
Surprisingly simple and striking techniques release these chains from the organs as well as from the emotional energy body. The diagnosis and treatment are working from the direction of the symptom as well as from the direction of the emotion. With the releasing, the whole system breathes and expands – the treatment brings flow into all parts of the body, like muscles and joints, too.

The work as part of the seminar releases a big amount of emotional  entanglements and bindings from your past. At the same time you get to know a new level of consulting and healing for you clients, that will change and enrich your way of perception and treatment.

You perceive your own emotions and the ones of others in a new way. You are able to release them from their often painful and sickening bindings. A freed flow between organs, body and emotional body is evolving.
In the last part of the seminar, we learn to free the spine, that we know as the ‚organ‘ of our will and success, from the effects of our own will, that binds us, when we direct it against the highest good. Deep experiences from many incarnations release from the spine, when we decide to dedicate ourselves to the flow of life in love. We create a new, free flow of life, that we can perceive instantly.
The techniques for diagnosis and treatment are applicable for all initiated participants for self-healing and working with clients – a big part of it can even be used on Skype.

The seminar touches deeply, as it unmistakably carries the seal of a new era of healing in the Golden Age.

A new era of healing in the golden age

Milestones summary from Kalu Schreiber D.O.

Educated and trained at the Sutherland Academy of Osteopathy, the Still Academy and the International Academy of Osteopathy, Kalu E. Schreiber D.O, Osteopathy graduate and spiritual teacher and master, collaborated with renowned lecturers such as Viola Fryman, Jean Pierre Barral, René Zweedijk and Paul Chauffour. For many years she was leading her own osteopathy institute in Germany and in 2005, based on the classic osteopathy, she developed the new form of energetic Osteopathy, complimented by her special light-qualities and her extensive spiritual healing knowledge. Today Kalu E. Schreiber is leading a successful practice in Kaliningrad and additionally works in her own clinic in Berlin on a regular basis. She trains therapists in France, Germany, Taiwan and Russia and holds versatile seminars around energetic osteopathy and holistic personality development.

Next date:

12th – 15th December 2019

Location: Changhai, China
Teacher: Kalu Schreiber, D.O., Spiritual Master
Mobil: +491608846756

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